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"In reality, not everything is black and white"

What is needed to put a medical device on the market?

How to conduct good clinical research?

What is the impact of the MDR on clinical research?

A small selection of questions that may arise when you deal with medical devices.

With a good dose of common sense, you can turn legislation and regulations into an effective process that works in practice.

That is exactly where I come in!

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The world of medical devices can be complicated if it is not 100% clear which path you should take.

With more than 10 years’ experience in clinical research with medical devices, as a clinical research consultant, I am happy to help professionals find the right path for them.

The trainings and tailor-made support I provide, help professionals to find their direction. It is my mission to transfer my knowledge and experience as much as possible, by translating legislation and regulations into practice. All the services I offer are therefore personal, practical, and directly applicable.

Where customization is needed, we can work together to investigate the issues that apply to you.

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For the practical implementation of legislation and regulations in practice

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To help you get customized answers to specific issues

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For intensive support and guidance in the implementation process

Free Q&A Session?

For a short substantive question, I offer a free 15-minute consultation.
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