Who am i and what do i offer?

Rianne Tooten

When I started as a Clinical Research Associate (CRA) in clinical research with medical devices over 10 years ago, I was mainly looking for answers to all sorts of issues. Brain teasers that I, as a newcomer, could not find an immediate answer to.

From CRA within a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) specialized in medical devices, I moved into drug research and research into the effects of medical nutrition. And then back to medical devices, where my heart lies! From CRA to Clinical Study Manager, from CROs to manufacturers, from employee to entrepreneur. The experience I have gained in the industry and at various CROs has given me a multi-faceted wealth of experience, knowledge and depth, in both pre-clinical and clinical work.

Clinical Research Professional

At the beginning of 2013, I started my own company, which was based on a desire to help companies guide their clinical research. Transferring knowledge is an essential part of my job. I also use my broad expertise to answer questions and improve processes when supporting clinical research. My investigative nature is fueled by the diversity of my client portfolio. As this expanded more and more, there was an organic demand for training about medical devices and the related laws and regulations. Looking back, the combination of my investigative character, my education and didactic skills, has laid the foundation for what is now my specialty.

With more than 10 years’ experience, I enjoy helping as many specialists as I can in my field. I do this by transferring my knowledge and experience and aim to make the wonderful world of medical devices as insightful, clear, and practical as possible.

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