Would you like to better understand the laws and regulations related to medical devices, so that processes are carried out more effectively and with more involvement? For example, because you notice that the rules are not always easy to implement in practice? Are you curious about the changes that the new legislation, which has been in force since 2017 and should be fully implemented from 2020, will bring? So that you are able to map the processes that will change in your situation? Through my training I help you discover and experience how a process works, and how you can translate this into practice. I can also get involved, and, together with you, help identify your specific issues. Finally, as a consultant, I can map and guide the process tailored to your needs.
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Way of working

With my knowledge and experience I contribute to a world where we work together based on creativity, openness, involvement and freedom. I do this by looking at the issues that organizations, teams, and professionals face, and help them to find their way within the complicated world of legislation and regulations related to medical devices and their practical implementation.  In these situations, it is basically about translating legislation and regulations into a practicable process. Through the practical translation, I bring the essence into focus. This requires practical and creative thinking and the ability to see possibilities that shape the translation. For example, by making specific cases, but especially by making the essence of the content, visible and accessible in a practical and creative way for those who have to do something with it. That is exactly where I come in!

"With a good dose of common sense, you can turn legislation and regulations into an effective process that works in practice"

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